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Embrace of the Godless Aeon - VINYL

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6th album by the blackenend death metal band HECATE ENTHRONED.

The return of brutal, epic, scornful metal from the UK's original blackened death metal band.

Limited-edition red splatter vinyl (only 400 made).

Featuring guest vocals on 3 songs from Sarah Jezebel Deva ( Cradle of Filth, Therion, Mortiis) and with cover art by Nestor Avalos ( Bloodbath, Rotting Christ, Black Dahlia Murder).

Includes digital download code.


1. Ascension
2. Revelations In Autumn Flame
3. Temples That Breathe
4. Goddess Of Dark Misfits
5. Whispers of the Mountain Ossuary
6. Enthrallment
7. The Shuddering Giant (digital bonus track on vinyl edition)
8. Silent Conversations With Distant Stars
9. Erebus and Terror

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